"This is not a cooper's barrel, this is a wood specialist's barrel"

- Alban Petiteaux, Oak Master

"A barrel should be a wooden tool serving the wine. The wood should be the main focus. The cooper is only there to reveal this potential. The focus is on the selection and maturation of the oak" 

- Francois Parthon de Von, Oak Master


Made of fine to semi-fine grain oak from slow-growth Haute Futaie forests in France, Oak Masters Selection barrels induce a very classic flavour profile with near perfect combination and balance between tannic and structuring and aromatic bouquet of lactones, vanilla, spice, roast, toast, smoke and char.

Oak Masters Selection barrels are designed to perform superbly on ripe concentrated fruit from warm areas and are ideal to complement a full-bodied red with classic elegance or to give warm brioche notes to a great Chardonnay.

The wood, is 100% hand-split and naturally seasoned in our own yard near Cognac, France for 24 to 36 months.


Waterbent barrels

Waterbent barrels are immersed in water and then fire-toasted on oak braziers. This toasting technique produces barrels that  offer a softer, rounder and less smoky Medium Plus and High toast but retain coffee and mocha notes.

Waterbending tames the tannins and the toast, preserving the lactones and developing a lot of perceived sweetness. 

Designed to support and enhance cool climate, crisp and delicate fruit waterbent barrels are ideal to magnify the character of a delicate Pinot Noir.

All Oak Masters Selection barrel formats are available on waterbent style.


Available formats

Bordeaux Chateau 225 litres (thin stave)                 Bordeaux Export 225 litres (thick stave)

Burgundy Export 228 litres (thick stave)         Hogshead 300 litres (thick stave)         

Puncheon 500 litres (thick stave - limited supply)


Toast Guide

Available toasts: Light, Medium, Medium Long, Medium Plus and High.

Light: Mineral, fresh wood. Offers limited vanilla and toasted aromas. Adds complexity to the finish. A lot of tannin to help give structure. Improves the tannic structure, without adding excessive aromas, in overripe and highly concentrated fruit.

Medium: Very complex aromas of vanilla, fresh bread, toast, spice and chocolate. Well rounded, moderate structuring effect. Good balance, ideal for most wines.

Medium Long: Highly complex with great finesse. Vanilla, toasted aromas, brioche and white nougat. Increases complexity while preserving the finesse of the fruits with a low tannic profile, allowing fullness on the palate and a powerful finish. Good for Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and delicate red wines.

Medium Plus: Highly complex aromas of spices, roasted almonds, roasted coffee, toffee, mocha chocolate. Very well integrated tannins that contribute to a full round palate. Ideal for highly aromatic wines able to cope with a balanced addition of aromatics from the barrel.

High: Empyreumatic notes of black pepper, coffee, smoky aromas or burnt toffee. Risk of a slight bitterness. Very limited tannic effect. Interesting contribution to blends, and for wines that lack maturity because it adds very little tannin to the structure of the wine.

Toasted Heads: Reduces the impact of lactones in the most aromatic oaks and adds a touch of extra smokiness. Reduces the tannic contribution of the heads and raises perceived sweetness. Good for rather tannic wines that require a limited addition of structure.