Ullage Control Skins are floating, inert, flexible, surface-oxygen blocking discs made of 20mm thick elastomeric foam sealed into a tough, non-taint, food grade polyurethane cover. Skins reduce the exposed free wine surface to a very low level.  The wine in a part-filled tank is protected as though the tank is full and so the level of SO₂ & CO₂ usage, scum & VA development are significantly reduced.

Skins roll-up to load through top or side doors, then spring open to float on the wine. The edge flap acts as hygienic “wiper” conforming to wall indentations and tank shapes. Free SO₂ from the wine keeps the flap mould-free. Once the skin is installed, the head space is normally charged with CO₂ to protect the small area of exposed wine around the perimeter. As gas dissolves into liquid at a rate directly proportional to the exposed surface area, re-charging the head space only needs to be done infrequently.

Skins are far more hygienic than movable head tanks, there is no wine weepage or mildew and no air sucking past the seal. SO₂ consumption under skins in a part-filled tank is significantly greater than that in a full tank, but generally significantly less than in a similar sized movable head tank. Skins have a red venting valve fitted to ensure that the unit is neither under nor over-inflated. Self-inflation can occur in a CO₂ atmosphere.

Each skin is fitted with three or more reinforced tags around the perimeter to allow it to be set up horizontally after loading and for easy retrieval. The tags don’t tear or come off.

(available only in limited markets)

Standard sizes

Diameter 490-500mm, suitable for neck of maturation vessels (Rocket, Soldier, Barrel and Cube)

Diameter 380-390mm, suitable for maturation vessel 100L/1hl Bottle body

Diameter 590-600mm, suitable for maturation vessel 300L/3hl Barrel body

Diameter 790-800mm, suitable for maturation vessel 600L/6hl Soldier and 1,000L/10hl Rocket body

Diameter 1370-1380mm, suitable for storage tank 2.5KL/25 hl squat and 5KL/50hl tall

Diameter 1840-1850mm, suitable for storage tank 5KL/50hl squat and 10.5KL/105hl tall

Diameter 2360-2380mm, suitable for storage tank 10.5KL/105hl squat

Custom Shapes

Skin up to 1m diameter (<1m circular or rectangular) Skin up to 2m diameter (1 to 2m circular or rectangular) Skin above 2m diameter (2m x 2m or greater. Heavy duty outer) Check with Flexcube for minimum manhole opening to fit rolled up skin through