Case study: South Africa

Corlea Fourie - Bosman Family Vineyards, Wellington, South Africa

On-skin white wine ferment in cubes with BarriQ barrel oak.


Varietal: Grenache Blanc
Year: 2013 -2015, 2016 still in progress
Cube permeability: Low permeability
Cube sizes: 1,000 litres/10 hl/ 265gal and 2,000 litres/20hl/530gal
Oak used: BarriQ Russian Barrel-Blend


What are you trying to achieve?
“A natural fermented orange wine-skin ferment. A wine with fine tannin and delicate texture, aromatics and phenolics derived from time
spent on skins. Also, integrated spiciness derived from oak.”

What process do you use?
“The grapes are de-stemmed and slightly crushed before transferring to cube. Fermentation in contact with skins are finished within 4
weeks. During this time temperature is kept at 14°C and I utilised aerated pump-overs to counter reductiveness. After pressing, the wine
is taken back to cubes and I introduce BarriQ Russian Barrel-Blend. Maturation lasts for 9 months post fermentation.”

What is the main advantage of using cube and BarriQ oak?
“The use of cubes and BarriQ Russian oak was instrumental in the execution of this new wine brand. It gives me outcomes which can be
replicated, a clean expression of oak and great integration to niche attributes.”