Our Story

In 2001, engineer and vineyard owner Tony Flecknoe-Brown devised, developed and later patented the application of oxygen permeable polymers for use in the winemaking industry using ultra-clean, food-grade polyethylene to construct specially-designed, oxygen permeable maturation vessels. Moving from initial trials to rapid commercial adoption, Flexcube was born.

The mission was to replicate and improve on traditional, expensive oak barrels. Since then, Flexcube has gained wide acceptance from winemakers, even in traditional markets. 

In 2010,  Flexcube partnered with Oenowood International in Cognac, acclaimed French Oak Masters, foresters and coopers, to create two ranges of genuine barrel quality oak: BarriQ and LBarriQ.

The concept is straightforward: oxygen permeable polymer Flexcubes containing wine are coupled with true barrel oak, the exact same oak that is used to make traditional oak barrels. We put the oak in the wine, not the wine in the oak.

Our team

Bill Swale - Sales Australia

Bill Swale - Sales Australia

Bill has an extensive sales background in a wide variety of areas. He is excited about the opportunities for alternative sustainable technologies for making wine and is keen to see these developed across Australia.

Hans Zheng - Sales and Technical Manager China

Hans Zheng - Sales and Technical Manager China

After graduating with a Degree in Viticulture and Oenology in New Zealand, Hans has evolved in the Wine Industry for more than a decade working for Australian to Chinese wineries. In 2016, he won the best Chinese Red Wine Trophy in China Wines & Spirits Awards with his own wine matured with Flexcubes and BarriQ.

Bertus Fourie - Sales South Africa

Bertus Fourie - Sales South Africa

Notable as the man who produced the "Coffee Pinotage" style for the first time in South Africa, Bertus studied at the University of Stellenbosch before joining Diemersfontein and then KWV as Senior Winemaker. Bertus also taught wine science at Elsenburg College for several years.

Cameron Black - Sales and Technical Manager USA

Cameron Black - Sales and Technical Manager USA

Cameron has worked in the wine industry in a variety of positions from Salesman to Winemaker. His passion for crafting wine stems from a deep understanding of the needs of what winemakers want to create from their vineyards, process, and finishing of wines for a sense of place and identity unique to each winemaker.

Our mission

At Flexcube, the new cooperage, we create next generation barrels and traditional oak barrels.

We are masters of oak, experts in wine maturation and leaders in the application of controlled passive oxygenation polymer cubes in

Design, quality and knowledge sit at the heart of our company.

We work with many of the most prestigious wineries around the world and have created a global network of technical consultants and support managers that work closely with winemakers.

Our mission is to open new possibilities for winemakers to make exquisite wine!

Research and Development, Patents & Intellectual Property

At Flexcube we invest heavily in research and development and Intellectual Property. With an in-house research team, we conduct our own extensive research and also collaborate with universities throughout the world. Our personnel include renowned winemakers / oenologists and experts in oak foresting. We have created a strong suite of patents and registered designs covering our key inventions.

Patents consist of a set of exclusive legal rights granted to an inventor for a limited period of time in exchange for the public disclosure of an invention.

These exclusive rights allow the right to prevent others from unfairly making, using, selling, or distributing the patented invention without permission. It is the core of the Western invention process and protects both inventors and customers alike.

At Flexcube we are diligent and serious about protecting our intellectual property to prevent fraud, unauthorised theft and misappropriation of our rights.