Oenotan Selection is the only water soluble oak extract available for wine and spirits production.

This 100% organic, preservative free product enhances red, white and sweet wine, as well as fortified wines and dark spirits. It neutralises green characters, dry tannins from older cooperage and post fermentation earthy aromas and adds palate structure and volume.

Oenotan is made of seasoned French oak that has been air dried, chipped, toasted, water extracted and freeze dried. It is added to red or white wines during vinification, after pressing and/or at the beginning of maturation or bottling. When Oenotan is added after the fermentation process, it accelerates the aging time bringing forward the wine’s release date.

Produced by the third largest Cognac distillery, Domain Boinaud, much effort has gone into perfecting the most gentle extraction, concentration and freeze drying process which preserves the aromatic and flavour characters of the oak. This does not extract the harsh tannins and phenols commonly associated with industrial tannin production, and results in an exceptionally high quality oak extract.


Selection: Base tannin for all red wines and spirits.

Oenotan V: Vanilla character and aromas. Base tannin for Chardonnay.

Oenotan M: Mocha character and aromas.